Working Together to Save San Diego's Most Vulnerable Species

Coastal Cactus Wren Photo: San Diego Zoo Global

A Coalition of Partners

Protecting the more than 200 at-risk plant and animal species in San Diego is a big job—one that is too big for any one organization to tackle on its own. From the outset, End Extinction San Diego has been about creating and maintaining a wide and inclusive movement. Together, with all hands on deck, we can make a difference—right here.

Our Mission Species in Peril A Coalition of Partners

The most biologically diverse county in the continental U.S. is also the most threatened.


San Diego is a special place. With a nearly ideal climate, 70 miles of beaches, and landscapes ranging from oceanfront to grasslands, mountains, and desert that surround a vibrant city, this place is a natural wonder. San Diego also has a unique abundance of plants and animals, and many of them are found nowhere else. Located within 1 of only 25 "biodiversity hotspots" in the world, ours is the most biologically rich county in the mainland US. But it also has the greatest number of threatened species in the mainland US.

Our Mission


We know that San Diegans are respectful and protective of nature in their own backyards. Yet, ensuring that future generations will enjoy all the natural wonders we take for granted today requires more. It requires action—collective action—so that people and nature will always thrive in harmony. This is not a choice. The health of the natural environment is inextricably linked to our own health, and our children's health. That is why End Extinction San Diego, a collective movement to prevent the extinction of local/native species, was formed in 2017.

End Extinction San Diego is a collaboration. From the rich collection of conservation organizations already here, to diverse business and economic interests, to policymakers entrusted with the public good, End Extinction San Diego is multi-faceted. Collective impact is the way to address challenges that are complex, lack simple solutions, and demand significant resources. This is cross-sector collaboration writ large, and it is the model for End Extinction San Diego. Together, we can succeed.

Success is this: thriving habitats and species, living in harmony with a growing population. These are not mutually exclusive; they are mutually dependent.

Learn more here. Be curious and ask questions. Engage others in thoughtful conversation. Take action to protect that which protects us. Be a part of End Extinction San Diego.

Coastal Sage Habitat. Mission Trails Photo: Getty

Species in Peril


San Diego County is home to approximately 200 imperiled plants and animals—more than in any other county in the nation. Here are the priority species and habitats that End Extinction San Diego is working hard to save.